Demand Creation is an expert in electronic circuit and SoC design.
We will conquer difficult problems with accurate technology and practice.

Demand Creation Co., Ltd.

CoaXpress IP Core

Functional Overview
This is a CoaXpress V1.1 certified IP core for Industrial Camera Interfaces ⇒ More information
(We are a JIIA subcommittee member.)

Electical Circuit Development Contractor

We mainly contract FPGA electrical circuits. We implement IP cores through reusable design in a timely fashion. Large discounts are available if the design we develop may be used in future development. Furthermore, we are able to conduct software development, circuit board design, small robot manufacturing through our vast network of partnership corporations. Please contact us for more information.

Expertise: Industrial Camera Interfaces such as CoaXpress and GigE Vision, Network systems such as TCP/IP, SATA, storage systems such as SATA and iSCSI, scalar/multimonitor graphics systems, and embedded Linux (mainly data flow systems).

Design Consultation

With vast experience on FPGA-embedded processors, we are able to provide systematic solutions to difficult problems. By offloading to hardware closely built together to processors, we are able to implement systems with performance that were once thought to be impossible.

Development Example :  High-speed data transfer by TCP
By utilizing OKI Information Systems' TCP/IP offloading engine IP core, low-cost microcomputers with operating frequency under 100MHz can be overclocked to over 900Mbps (more than 9Gbps for 10Gbit solutions). We will propose and develop SoC to your specific needs.

More information on OKI Systems TCP/IP Offloading Engine⇒ Click